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Getting started

  • Select the Webinar of interest
  • The on-demand Webinar will open new window ” Webinar Registration
  • Complete the registration and watch the webinar recorded session.

CPD Certificate

  • Take the CPD quiz immediately after watching the Webinar or return to the site later and take the quiz at your convenience
  • After submitting the quiz ,click “View Score”, a new 2nd browser tab “ Webinar Registration “will open to allow you to check if 100% is achieved .
  • To edit or correct your answers , go back to the 1st browser tab “ Webinar Registration “ and click on link “ Edit your response “ .
  • Correct your answers and submit quiz again .
  • Certificate will only be emailed on 100% score.

On-Demand Webinar – Orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics BDS (Sri Lanka) ,MD Orthodontics ( Colombo )M Ortho RCS ( Edin ) Consultant OrthodontistDistrict General HospitalPolonnaruwa

On-Demand Webinar – Vaccines

COVID-19 Vaccines and Health Care Workers The pandemic of COVID-19 has been curbed in many countries due to the arrival of a number of efficacious vaccines. Yet, there are many unknowns in the evolving COVID-19 vaccine story, although we now see the emerging true situation in a better light, with reports of their efficacy rangingContinue reading “On-Demand Webinar – Vaccines”

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