To Develop and Protect

Promote services that support members for betterment of their practice.


Although the Dental Association was founded much earlier, it was legally “established as an association under the name of the Fiji Dental Association, with a perpetual succession and a common seal” on 12th.November, 1971 by an Act of the Parliament [Medical and Dental Practitioners Act cap225]. Under its section 44, the Act bestowed certain powers and permitted it to make Rules and Regulations for all such matters as may be deemed necessary and proper to ensure the efficient functioning of the Association. 

This Act was amended four times and, finally on the fifth time, by the present Medical and Dental Practitioner Decree/Act, 2010. 

The Fiji Dental Association celebrated its 50th anniversary on the June 29th,2020.

The association started its journey 5 decades ago with a handful of dentists who saw the need to formally register an association to be the voice of the dental profession in Fiji and to provide service to the profession ensuring that the community had access to quality dental healthcare which was kept updated through relevant professional development and peer support.

Since its inception the association has undergone considerable growth, and has become a critical partner in the pursuit of Universal Health Coverage for our people. Currently our members provide a significantly high proportion of dental care in Fiji and it’s likely that your dentist is a member of our association.

The association looks forward to furthering the aims and objectives by working with our members and stakeholders to ensure quality dental care is available to all.

  • 29th August 2020

    The 2020 Annual Conference & Golden Jubilee Celebrations was conducted on the 29th of August, 2020 at the Grand Pacific Hotel, Suva, Fiji


  • To maintain and improve the standards of conduct and expertise of the dental profession in Fiji.
  • To promote the welfare and to preserve and maintain the integrity and the status of the dental profession.
  • To represent the views, interest and wishes of the dental profession.
  • To represent, protect and assist members of the dental profession in Fiji as regards to conditions of practice and otherwise.
  • Protect and assist the members of the dental profession in Fiji as regards to conditions of employment with the Government.
  • To settle controversial points of practice and to provide means for the amicable settlement of professional differences.
  • To protect and assist the public and the dental profession in all matters touching ancillary or incidental to dental practice.
  • To assist needy members and former members of the Association or their immediate relatives and the immediate relatives of deceased members.
  • To cultivate a generous professional spirit amongst the dental practitioners by encouraging meetings of the members.
  • Generally to promote excellence in dental practice in any manner which the Association thinks fit in the interest of the profession and the country.
  • To be the negotiating body for its members as regards terms and conditions of employment in the public sector.
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