On-Demand Webinar – Vaccines

COVID-19 Vaccines and Health Care Workers The pandemic of COVID-19 has been curbed in many countries due to the arrival of a number of efficacious vaccines. Yet, there are many unknowns in the evolving COVID-19 vaccine story, although we now see the emerging true situation in a better light, with reports of their efficacy rangingContinue reading “On-Demand Webinar – Vaccines”

World Oral Health Day 20th March 2020 – Be Proud Of Your Mouth

The World Dental Federation (FDI) unveiled the three-year theme (2021 – 2023) for its annual World Oral Health Day (WOHD) event, encouraging people across the globe to “Be Proud of Your Mouth”. By adopting this theme, FDI is hoping to “motivate people to value and take care of their mouths and understand that by doingContinue reading “World Oral Health Day 20th March 2020 – Be Proud Of Your Mouth”