On-Demand Webinar – Vaccines

COVID-19 Vaccines and Health Care Workers

The pandemic of COVID-19 has been curbed in many countries due to the arrival of a number of efficacious vaccines. Yet, there are many unknowns in the evolving COVID-19 vaccine story, although we now see the emerging true situation in a better light, with reports of their efficacy ranging from 55% to 95 % depending on the vaccine strain. However, this situation is compounded by the reported vagaries of the increasing number of brand-name vaccines, manufactured on both the new and old vaccine platforms. These include their adverse effects, the emergence of possible vaccine-resistant viral variants (e.g. the current delta and lambda strains of SRAS-CoV-2), the efficacy of mixed mode vaccinations, necessity of booster doses and their immunological correlates, as well as reasons for vaccine resistance by a small proportion of the populace. This presentation will provide the details of the foregoing, as well as an outline of the basic mechanisms of vaccines, with a particular emphasis on those available in Sri Lanka.

Professor Lakshman Samaranayake


Professor Emeritus (Microbiomics), and Immediate Past Dean of Dentistry, University of Hong Kong, China and Past Dean of Dentistry, University of Queensland, Australia

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